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  • Do you take walk-ins?
    We don't take walk-ins. Chicago Realism Tattoos is an appointment only studio. Please fill out the "Request a Quote" form to start the process.
  • How much do you charge and what's the tattoo cost?
    We don't have flat rates. Every tattoo is being priced by the artist and it's usually based on the size, difficulty, placement and the time it takes. The best way to get a quote is by filling the "Request a Quote" form
  • Can I bring people with me?
    Do not bring a group of people with you. Do not bring children or minors. You need to be 18+ to enter the tattoo shop. You may bring a friend with you, but make sure you talk to your artist first. The safety of our staff and clients is a number one priority, so make sure you follow all the health and safety rules/guidelines!
  • Is it OK to get a tattoo if I am sick or if I have a medical condition?
    Getting a tattoo when your immune system is compromised isn't a good idea. You're going to need your strength and your white blood cells to heal your tattoo, something your body won't be able to do if it's already doing battle against virus and bacteria. Not to mention the fact that it's very inconsiderate to bring your illness into the tattoo studio and risk passing the germs onto others, particularly your artist. If you have an appointment, call and reschedule for when you're feeling well again. If you have a medical condition, make sure to consult with a doctor/physician before any tattoo procedures. Please let the artist know as well ahead of time.
  • What is your "Deposit policy"
    All tattoo deposits are non-refundable!!! You forfeit your deposit if: You do not appear for a tattoo appointment; You cancel or reschedule an appointment without giving at least 24 hours notice. You arrive more than 1 hour late to a tattoo appointment. You reschedule 2 or more times for any sessions of the same tattoo. You arrive at a tattoo appointment without government-issued identification. You arrive at a tattoo appointment drunk or high.
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